Sunshine, storms, and a mirgaine

Sorry I’ve been away….enjoying the wonderful weather we have had the past weeks. Mid 70’s to 80’s with lots of sun. I’ve been walking and soaking it up. I couldn’t force myself to get inside and write anything.

Working on my tan, cleaning up the backyard, the garage, planting tomatoes and peppers, moving stuff around in the house. I guess the “spring cleaning” thing hit me.

My weight is staying steady, a little up here, a little down there, all perfectly normal. Eating is normal. Lots of lovely meat, chicken, beef, BACON, eggs, and so on. Have been working on a higher carb day. Giving it a try. On Wednesday, if I want to, I will eat more of the good stuff and not worry about it. Well that’s the plan. I have a hard time with moderation. It’s all or nothing with me. So I trying this on for size. One day a week I can eat what I want and not feel guilty about it. The rest of the week my carb count will stay at the normal level of 10 or less.

Now when I say what ever I want I don’t mean No-No foods like bread, rice, or sugar laden stuff. I mean extra cheese, or sugar-free candy, nuts, skin a pizza, salad. Stuff like that. Things that are higher on the carb count, that I don’t have everyday, but are still low carb. My thinking is to stay under 50 on this day. Trying to go from the losing phase to a maintenance phase is going to be tough for me and I’m trying to find the best way for me to do that. I have also allowed myself a bounce window. A 5 pound window that I won’t freak out about. Well that’s the plan, so far not really working but I am trying. 😉

We had some storms roll though a couple of nights ago, knocked out our power. So I had to go without my morning coffee. Not a happy time. Drank a couple of Diet Mountain Dews for the caffeine. I also had a migraine to go along with the storm. So no coffee, head pounding, no power, no computer, what was I to do? I had my phone so I posted on Facebook about the no coffee thing…..and a wonderful thing happened. My daughter’s best friend made a pot of coffee and brought it over just for me!! Who said Facebook is a bad thing?

I did get rid of the headache by late afternoon. Did some knitting. I’m working on Fancy Feet. That’s what I’m calling them at least. When I have them done I will post some pics. I hope to have them done in a week or so. Got some great ideas form a LCF friend.


Violence at a pizza buffet

Well I did a bad, bad, thing. Well it wasn’t really that bad. The bad part is I ate too much. I didn’t stop my self when I was full, but kept going until I was stuffed. That’s the bad part.

Hubby and I went out last night, something we don’t get to do very often. We just went out for pizza, a pizza buffet. Now buffets are a big no-no for  people  because they make over eating way too easy. Well I’m not special. I ate way too much. I ate mine and my neighbors fair share of pizza last night. I put plenty of red pepper flakes on each “slice” that I ate. Wanted all the heat I could handle.

Now this buffet was a little different, you didn’t even have to go up and fight people at the “bar” to get the good stuff. Why do those extra little steps between bites, they bring hot pies around calling out the names and you just make eye contact and they will give you as many slices as you want. They will even make you a whole pie just for your table. They had a little chart on the table listing what each standard pizza had on it, and if the one that they were passing around was a little different they would say so.

They had lots of desert pizzas as well, hubby had those. I tried all the meat pizzas they passed around. I tried a Bacon chicken ranch, was pretty good. Instead of sauce they used ranch dressing, word of caution, ranch dressing stays hotter longer than pizza sauce!

With all the processed meat, cheese, and I don’t even want to think about the salt, the scale is up 2 pounds this morning. Belly was protesting all the food last night. I’m a bloated mess this morning! My nose is even swollen! So water will be my best friend today. I went over on my carbs yesterday. I have not idea how much, but I would think no more than 40.

I did leave a plate of crusts on the table.

Pizza skinning, a violent act of a low carb life style!

due to the extreme nature of the subject no pics will be shown 8)

Slave to the Scale..

Well I am…

Not happy about it, but I am a slave to the scale.

There I admitted it. They say that’s the first step. But do I really want to “cure” myself of this addiction? I know that weighting daily is not something that is recommended. That it’s even frowned upon. Weight yourself once a week or even monthly to get a better view of the weight loss.  But is the right thing for everyone?

I have been thinking lately about the one size fits all problem. The right diet…now while some people can do the low-fat, that didn’t work for me. So the once a week or month scale check in should be the same thing, right?  It makes sence. Do what works for you.

I think my real problem might be that I let the scale dictate my mood for the day. If it’s down, I can start my day happy and positive. If it’s up, even if it’s just 0.2 lbs, it could be a rough morning. While the starting mood for the day may not last but a few hours and the taste of my wonderful coffee may elevate the bad mood, this is something that I am working on.

I have found that daily weighing and daily tracking MUST go hand in hand. If I am to weigh myself daily I must write it down so I can track the numbers to get a real feel of the weight losses. When I was just looking at the weight of the day it was just that day. Now that I write it down and graph it everyday, even when it goes up I can see that it is just a bump. Not a sink hole that I have to climb out of to get on with my day. I make it my routine.

Get up

Make Coffee


Chart and Review past two weeks numbers

Drink coffee and get on with my day.

I am not saying that it has solved my grumpy moods in the morning, but I am working on it. And just like weight loss…it is a process.

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