Am I really hungry?

You wake up get ready for the day, time to eat breakfast. Noon comes, lunch break, time to eat. 3pm time for an afternoon snack. Then it’s time for supper. Have to eat again. Clean your plate, don’t waste your food. Snack while your watching TV. All very normal. It’s what has been taught. It’s what been preached. We have been programmed to set our day and our lives around eating times. When the clock strikes a certain hour it’s time to eat. But is it necessary? Do we rally need to eat every time the clock or tradition tells us to?

I just broke a fast, not a long drawn out one, just 46 hours. I did this to rest my body because of an over indulgence in peanut butter last week-end. I was fighting cravings for sweet foods. The evil sugar in the peanut butter had done me in. After a whole 4 days of wanting to rip my face off, and other people heads, I decided to just going off of everything might help. I wanted to listen to my body not my mind. Not the clock. I drank my coffee, drank my water, and kept busy around the house. Anything to keep my mind off the food.My last bite of food was a slice of cheese at 8pm on Thursday night. I ended my fast on Saturday night at 6pm, with a wonderful bacon cheeseburger. (no bun of course)

During this I noticed, I wasn’t really hungry. My tummy might have been growling a bit but I wasn’t hungry. I felt fine. In fact the longer I went the better I felt. I enjoyed my walking on an empty stomach. I slept better. I got up earlier on Saturday morning and felt better than Friday morning. Most important my sugar cravings are gone!

So before you eat something ask yourself, am I really hungry? Are you, or is it just “time to eat”?

Might have to get a couple of these to put around the house.




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