Kicking the Habit

It’s been a Hell of a week. I have been up 8 pounds in 7 days. I have eaten 12 bags of sugar-free candy. Chewed 4 packs of gum. Chewed my nails down to the nub.


I have stopped smoking.

Today is day 9 without cigarettes. Day 3 without the candy, day two without the gum. Down 2 of the 8 pounds I put on. Now just to get the rest off.

I’m glad I stopped. Need to for a while. I told myself that once I got to goal that I would stop.

I had planned to quit in July of this year, but I told my daughter that if she made the cheer leading squad I would quit now. She made it so I quit the next day.

Yes I’m doing it COLD TURKEY.


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