Mom’s Birthday cheesecake

Today is my mom’s birthday! She started a low carb lifestyle on Jan 1st of this year so no ordinary cake for her. I got this no-bake recipe for her from Low Carb Friends .com

2 8 oz packages of cream cheese at room temp

1 box of sugar-free jello   ( I used raspberry)

Beat cream cheese until smooth with a mixer. In a separate bowl, mix 1/2 cup of boiling water to your jello of choice and mix till dissolved. Add jello to cream cheese and mix until creamy.

I placed the mixture in gallon baggie and clipped corner for ease to pipe into cupcake liners. I used foil liners with the paper. I got 6 full cups from this.

Carb count from this was based on cream cheese of 32, 0 from jello.

6 servings 5.3 carbs

Place your cheese cake in the fridge to set.

I would use foil only next time. They kinda stuck to the paper. They were soft even though they were in the fridge for 5 hours. So if you have small glass bowls or dishes they would be work better placed in those. Mom and I ate these with a spoon. They were good, a little on the tart side but not too sweet. She put the rest in the freezer to prevent over eating……always a smart move when it comes to cheesecake!


My 2nd Birthday….

I was thinking about how my low carb way of eating is not a diet but a lifestyle. Something that I will do for the rest of my life. We call it a way of eating, WOE, and not a “diet” because it is not something that is done in the short-term for quick results.

This is a change of life. A new start in the way you look at food and how it fuels your body. Weight loss maybe the first goal but as I discovered all the benefits to this WOE it became a smaller part. (but not by much 😉 )

I am healthier now than I have ever been. My body loves the fuel that I give it. I don’t have bad reactions from what I put in the tank. No more high blood pressure, diabetes is under control without the use of medication, no heartburn, and cholesterol levels are back to normal. If this was viewed as a “diet” as soon as I started eating what some experts call “a balanced diet” all of my body’s reactions would come right back. Would I really what to do that?? That answer is a BIG NO!

I view this as a forever thing. No going back for me. The last time I had a “cheat food”, something that was full of sugar, my body threw a temper tantrum. Rapid heart-beat, sweating, and the worst tummy ache ever. Then the guilt set in. “Why did I do that to myself?” For some strange reason I thought I “deserved” the treat. Ha! I deserved what I got for treating my body that way. Never Again!

So I’m in this for life and with this realization I think a celebration is in order. So I took the time and went though all my notes and found the exact date.

August 21 2009      This is my official second Birthday!

I am going to celebrate this day as the day I began my new life!

And yes I do expect my family to give me gifts like any other birthday!

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