My Low Carb Journey

My journey started in September on 2009. I was 270 pounds. At 5 feet 5 1/2 inches that was fat. There is no nice way to put it. Fluffy or plump was not it. I was fat. I have pictures, not many, I didn’t like having my picture taken. Nothing like a picture to ruin a happy memory of a family outing. I had a wonderful ability a see myself as a normal person in my head, not the round lumpy person that showed up on film.

But more than that I was unhealthy. I am a type 2 diabetic, I had high blood pressure, fought with depression, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, degenerative disk disease, failed back surgery syndrome, and lived with constant pain in my legs and back which made the use of a wheelchair a necessity.

In July of 2009 I was able to get a wonderful gift. A neuro-stimulator. It was placed in my back to block pain signals from my lumbar spine. It took about a month to recover from the surgery. It helped my pain so much, by the first of September I was thinking of my future not just the next hour and how to deal with the pain. My weight and how I viewed myself was the main thing. Not that I wasn’t in constant pain it was time to work on that.

I had done low carb in the past and lost 30 pounds or so, but after the back surgery and the returning pain, the weight and “normal” eating patterns came back. As I endured the next four years of pain with no relief, no able to work or walk, losing cars,and losing our home the only “pleasure” I had was  food. I ate my feelings, and I had a lot of feelings. My weight ballooned to 270 pounds, maybe more. It’s not like I owned a scale and kept up with it. Only weighed myself when I had to at the doctor’s office.  So I decided to give it another go. I didn’t tell anyone. I could not stand to see the “ok, sure you are”  look in their eyes when I said I was going to lose some weight. Because I had some it so many times and failed. Failed in so many different ways, lose some gain it back or just not really try to go more than a few days. Also the dreaded I’ll start on Monday, but that Monday never got there. So I started in secret.

Now with both my kids in school and my husband working to support us that wasn’t to hard. We had hamburger meat and chicken  in the house all the time. I cooked baked chicken and hamburgers, I just ate mine without the bun. Green beans were always aside dish that I could eat. Because of my back pain I basic lived in my bedroom. My husband and kids ate their meals at the table most of the time. The kids did a lot of the cooking too. So I could say I already ate. After I lost about 10 pounds and got through the dreaded low carb “flu” week I told my husband. I think the only reason I was able to tell him was because I had lost some weight and I was determined to keep going.

The weight kept falling off. I was dropping about 10 pounds a month. After the second month I had to stop my blood pressure and all my diabetes medications. That’s right I stopped my 70/30 insulin! I was taking 65 units twice a day. I was also taking glyburide. Had to stop that too. As I lost weight I was also able to move some. I could sit in a chair and watch tv. I could go outside and sit and watch my dog Sophie play in the yard. Still could not play with her, but at least I could do more than just let her out.

March or April in 2010 I don’t really recall I had some of the worst pain ever. Sharp crushing pain in my right side around my ribcage. Went on for about 20 minutes then stopped. I didn’t know what is was but it was gone. Well a couple of days later it came back. Boy did it come back, after 30 minutes I drove myself to the hospital. Of course the ER was packed. I waited for 2 hours, shaking it hurt so bad, in that ER begging and praying for help. Once my husband got there he took me to another ER in town to be seen. ( don’t think bad about him I didn’t call him and tell him what I was doing, he was at work and I though I could get whatever it was fixed before he got off work and be there to pick him up and he would never know) Well the other ER was just a packed and my pain got worse. I was crying it hurt so bad. Legs shaking doubled over with pain.  By the time I got back to the exam room the major spasms had stopped. So total 6 hour of pain. That was the longest I had to be in such pain and not have a baby pop out!

Well If you didn’t already guess that was my gallbladder that was causing all the problems. Yep found out two things about gall bladders, rapid weight loss and family history can lead to problems. Check and check. So after and couple of weeks of meds and another surgery, I running gallbladder free. Without any problems. Found out after that both my aunts had to have theirs taken out when they were my age. Gotta love family medical gifts!!!

Well my weight kept going down. A little walking here and there but not really working out. I think that is the best part of the whole story. I am not doing the work-out routine. No DVD’s, no running, no gym, and no exercising machines. I get to go the grocery store or to the mall with the kids. House work, still no more that vacuuming once a week hard on the back, keeps me busy. I can cook for myself and my family. I get to be a mom now and take care of my kids. We can do things now because mom can go. Before we couldn’t do anything ” cause of mom’s back”.

November 6th 2010 I hit the 100 pound lost mark. It was also my oldest daughter’s 18th birthday.

I eat less than 20 carbs per day.  Try and keep my calories around 1400 per day. I didn’t count calories until recently. I only have a few more pounds to get to my goal weight. It is also slowing down for me. As of today I am at 154 pounds, for a total of 116 pounds lost. I can maintain my weight at 20 carbs and 2000 calories a day I think but since I still trying to lose that is just a guess. Once I lose enough I test that theory out.

My life has changed so much. I have learned so much about myself. I know that I can set a goal reach it. I have to remind myself how far I’ve come. I tend to get focused on the scale and just seeing it move from pound to pound. Instead of the big picture.








THIS IS NOT A DIET IT IS A WAY OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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