Dry brushing 30 days in…

I’ve completed my 30 days of dry brushing and I’ve got to say I’m pleased with the results. It is a nice way to start my routine. My skin has shown a benefit from this, and I will continue to make this an everyday event. Now I haven’t seen all the improvements that I had hoped for but let’s get real. I wanted miracles.

My skin is softer than before.

My skin is tighter in some areas, and my weight has stayed the same. So it must be the brushing right?

It does remove the dry skin layer, so it is a great way to get skin prepped for tanning and lotion application. It’s a lot cheaper than exfoliating scrubs that you buy at the store.

I have also noticed that I don’t have to use skin lotion all the time to skin my skin from being so dry. Also no more dry skin itch. Since we still have the heat on, spring is not here yet, that dry air is not causing a big problem any more.

I don’t know if it is helping muscle tone under the skin only time will tell with that one.

I will take my measurements again in 30 more days and see how much change is going on.

I’ll keep ya posted. 😉


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