Killing the Peanut butter beast

Well I have been back to my old fiend. The jar of peanut butter. I have a big spoonful and slowly enjoy the flavor.

Cheap, sweet and when only eating 2 tablespoons is not that big of a deal when it comes to carb count. The problem ….it has gone from one spoon to 4 spoons yesterday! This is way to much!! Too much sugar creeping back in and I have felt the nasty consequences already. I have been “hungry” and making several trips to the kitchen looking for food. Now I put hungry in quote marks because it is NOT true hunger. It is just due to my body wanting that sugar fix again. And to top it off, last night I woke up in a cold sweat, blood sugar flux??? I think so.

So today its time to beat this monster back to its place, under the bed with a steel bed skirt, I am going to fight it with FAT!!! Every time that little sucker rears it’s head I’m going to feed it some fatty meat. Not going to worry about calorie count today, not going to worry about how long it’s been since I last ate. It’s all about Battle! I going to the Mattresses on this one. I got my war paint on…and it’s bacon grease!


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